Saturday, January 15, 2011

Entry 6. Advantages and disadvantages of tape recording.

  In modern study activities tape recording is widely used. Especially in learning languages it is very effective. But it has got some disadvantages. For example a student can learn the lecture with the aid reading books or listening recorded speech of instructor. Most students choose tape recording. Because it is easier than reading. Tape recording make the students lazy. Moreover when you listen it, it is a little bit difficult to concentrate. Reading book is more effective and easier to concentrate on.
  But in learning languages it can be very helpful. Because listening to the language being learnt is the only way of improving listening skill.
  Tape recording wastes time also. It takes more time than even the lecture. Moreover if you record the lecture you can't concentrate and as a result you will get nothing during the lecture. That is why I prefer reading instead of tape recording.

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